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Testimonial about Sat Yoga and Shunyamurti (aka Robert Shubow)

I must first say, that I am sorry to all of you who have had much money taken, and who have been abused or hurt.  May you recover.  






The entity, out of malice, would use its ability to view others (without having to physically go there), for a while (and it might be still doing this to me, I don't know), watch me... The entity would pick out certain aspects about me, or my inner thoughts that it picked up, and then say them to the group, in a mocking way... ("The ego this and the ego that" -- about me).

It must be kept in mind, that we do not really know if this entity is actually what it claims to be -- residing as the Ultimate, by the name the entity uses. (Indicating this). 


Also, about the word "ego."  It is an ugly way to refer to someone.  So, my understanding is that ego is taken from Latin, and means in that language, "I." 


I don't think it would have that de-personalizing quality, that it has when used in English, about someone. (The ego did this, it went there... It's really quite unpleasant to speak of people in this manner; it essentially lowers them to an object, a thing.  It takes away the human dignity, humanity).


We (human beings) have distinguished between people, and objects... We have devised words that clearly show that separation... When one refers to another person, it is as such, for example: "Jack went over there."  "He did this."  "My mother put a carrot on the table." 


No doubt, most of us also grew up in this way...  We never talked of others as "egos;" the ego said this... The ego should stop being so angry... It should not behave that way, etc.  We have known ourselves, and others, as human beings... Referring to others as such, and being referred to ourselves, in that way.


Also, from the Hindu texts/teachings, I don't think an equivalent in that language, to the term "ego" -- when used to refer to people -- existed.  I think it is "Ahamkara" (That is translated to "ego.") -- if you research into that, it probably does not equate to how it is used in English... (The de-personalising quality). 


From the Latin meaning, the absurdity of calling someone an ego is this: "The ego needs to try harder..." Literally is just: "The I needs to try harder!"


Anyway, the more precise use of the word is for the egoic mind, all possess (or just about), but are not -- not the actual INDIVIDUAL.  Also, we are to strive beyond that aspect anyway, to Liberation of the Self. (Who/What one really is)...


An individual, separate self, as one "teacher" clarified (what he said is called an ego; ah!  It sickens me!), is not an "ego;" they are a human being, not an object or thing... There is no need to so debase people in that way... I'd say at least Europe, probably the whole world, got by knowing human beings not as objects and things, but as people for millennia... Let this be a part of the healing process... Much pain (perhaps) caused by the ignorant use of a foreign word.


Attempted Corruption of Morality: 


This "Shubow" speaks of the Dharma, and nobility... The yamas and niyamas are listed (or were), on that site of theirs.  Yet, once he put on an outrageous piece of garbage, called, I think, ''The Big Lebowski''... So, right there, we see, this entity called Robert Shubow is not really interested in purity, rightness or morality... 


I think there may have been some pure and noble souls who either stay at the "ashram" or visited as guests, who were expecting to find purity, decency and even holiness... An environment that was about that... But instead, were perhaps traumatized to have to be exposed to such demonic, vile trash. 


If there was immodesty of clothing also, and impurity, then that is bad for sexual restraint, for continence, chastity... It causes temptation...  So again, we see this entity is not moral, interested in purity or avoiding causing others sexual temptations... (Especially for men, exposing them to provocative material, that is not good for those practicing celibacy and chastity).  (Thought it was meant to be a holy ashram, with a good master, and about growing in virtue, goodness and right, overcoming evil and darkness? -- obviously not...)


We can see that all posturing to the contrary is merely acting... Acting a persona of a holy man, an enlightened master, to fool and draw in... Chiefly for the cash, it seems... 


This entity also says evil is not unacceptable, when it clearly is. Also, something about opening up even the ''forbidden chambers of the heart'' (i.e., evil feelings).  When in fact, it is about countering darkness (not indulging), replacing it with the light, opposite... Transmuting it -- NOT accepting and feeling it.


Good and evil are contrary... Think about it, if you are pure, chaste and then indulge impurity, sexuality, you are no longer chaste... If you are honest and good, and lie; you LOSE the goodness, and become bad... If you decide to steal, you corrupt your goodness, and then become bad... (At least in that aspect). 


This is a basic understanding... They are contrary, and it seems to me this entity is actually something very different than what people believe it is... Something uglier and more sinister.  What we are looking at is corruption of the Dharma and of spiritual understanding by wicked creatures... Infiltration.  Distortion.  This fraud will not really know God, but it will know the very real devil, satan; the prince of this world. 


Be aware that even though some appear human, they are internally different, possessing unique (to their kind), dark natures... As another man put it, roughly: These are aliens/demons though cloaked in flesh... (Appear outwardly as human, but inwardly, are evil and different -- yes, this is true). 


A tactic used is that of posturing as an enlightened master, a holy man...  Others are mere ''egos'', and nothing they say is of any relevance... What that cloaked/robed in white entity (seen as a master) says is perceived as being of a higher standing, of greater authority and worth. -- That is the plan, obviously...  Yet it is merely an actor of darkness, and a grotesque, vile hypocrite, impostor and fraud...  Now that the demonic infiltrators have set up as that, they can more easily work at corruption and distortion, which is what has been going on in this case.


My advice is to keep away from it and have nothing to do with it at all, it has done enough damage, and from what I know, such a demon cannot change or be/act otherwise to its inherent nature of evil/darkness. (Now all of you wondering at why this Shubow has done so much damage and acts in such a remorseless way can have the answer: My friends [to those of the Truth/Light] -- we are not actually dealing with something like us, but, believe it or not, an actual DEMON -- of DARKNESS/EVIL... That may surprise or shock you to hear, but it's true... The world we live in has many of them in it... They are not really human at all and certainly not good/of the Light, being evil.  [They pretend to be good to deceive, but are not capable of being truly good, and of ceasing to do evil] Now let that clear up your bewilderment).


While it has for months (about that long, maybe about a year) been cruelly remote viewing me, to hurt me and take away my privacy, and mock me in front of the group, revealing my private states, thoughts and feelings -- nobody should have to go through that... Maybe still doing that, it has (perhaps) forgotten that there are other powers than just its lord and master the devil. (Can you imagine how horrible it is to have some perverted scumbag watch you at will, taking away your privacy, having access to your inner thoughts and feelings; even the most private ones?  When you think you are alone, you are being viewed by an invisible other, that you cannot detect? -- This I suffered... I don't know if I really did anything to deserve such an evil thing, to it, to make it act like this towards me... -- This is how it spoke of me, as an ego, it, in the third person and addressed to the group when it has nothing to do with them... Loathsome tactics to hurt the victim it is directed against... Since when did it enter into the human heart that degrading and dehumanizing others, lowering them to an ''it'' and an object, was ok?) 


I reached out to someone I thought was a real, good, enlightened master, but who turned out to be something very different, and instead of getting help and direction, got a whole lot of misery and suffering; like most (involved in this) it seems... (Same story -- lesson being for all of us, don't just be fooled by appearances [remembering also, that the charlatan, the criminal poses as what they are not, to deceive, to fool and draw in] don't just trust others lightly...)


I'd say if anyone was in true contact with their Self, or God, they would be told to leave that place (the SAT Yoga Institute, "ashram"), and that entity (Shubow), straight away... 


Once I witnessed, after/during someone asking a question, Shubow pull a look of utter contempt and look around the group like this (to impart this feeling to others), as if that person was an unwanted outsider...


It uses gaslighting, blatant lies, is an utter hypocrite and genuinely is a horrible 'person' -- if that name can even be given it... 


We are up against real evil, powers of darkness; they have no honour or decency. 


People need to truly consider if they want to go for 'ultimate liberation' -- that is, to the point of pure awareness, as it is called. 


They need to know what that really entails, what it is really like, and if it is even a desirable state for an individual being to go for...


For it must be remembered, that somehow from The Ultimate (I do not even know what that is), The Source, came all this... Living, experiencing, Individual Beings... Challenge, growth, delight, relations with others and so on. 


Even if people find life on this earth painful, which it can be and often is, there probably are higher worlds, out of this particular reality, where living is pleasant... Where there is value in being an individual being that can relate to others... (There is also value in existence here, for example in that you can overcome darkness... Develop in light and virtue...) 


It is a great wonder that there is an Origin -- of Everything, and also that all existence and experience has come, and is possible. 


Finally, you don't need other people... The journey (To Liberation) is straightforward and can be done alone... Don't go with this deceitful world, as we have seen, appearances can be deceptive, and that fact runs through this weird, dark world. 

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