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Cult survivors come together to reveal stories of resilience: "People can

thrive after this"

This article, originally published by Fox News on October 30, 2022, features Lola Blanc and Meagan Elizabeth who host the podcast 'Trust Me.'  Their podcast explores stories and cases involving extreme beliefs and manipulation.  

Check below for an excerpt from their article 


"It seems like consistently cult leaders isolate people from their loved ones and prevent them from having an identity outside the group," she said. "You also have that one who claims they know all the answers. You’ll have those that exploit their members financially but also psychologically and emotionally. You also start to lose your identity and sense of self outside the group. There seems to be no tolerance for questioning."

"The lack of individuality is so big within these groups," Elizabeth continued. "We shouldn’t all think the same things or do the same things. If you’re being asked to not be an individual, then you’re probably in a cult-like situation where somebody’s trying to control you. You shouldn’t find your sense of self in one person or one group. You shouldn’t rely on one person or one group to get all of your information in the world. And you shouldn’t rely on one person or one group to feel safe or right. You need more than one place to go for answers in your life."

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