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sat yoga exposed

Sat Yoga Ashram : Behind the Scene

Sat Yoga is an ashram and school in Costa--Rica dedicated to raising human consciousness, healing and Self-realization. A beautiful vision for a beautiful garden of eden at the top of a tropical mountain.

This website offers a different perspective on the nature of this organisation and a voice for the numerous past members of the cult who have had a personal relationship with Shunyamurti (aka Robert Shubow).


Mission Statement

This website offers a prayer for healing. It offers a space to reflect and express themselves to those who have suffered from an abusive relationship and are tending to the wounds revealed in that context. 


An abusive relationship disguised as the guru-disciple relationship can be one of the most traumatic. This is especially the case when the disciple is being stripped from all and any sense of agency and willingly submits to become a host of the guru's projections. 

Suffering at the hands of imposters is a powerful lesson into empowerment. It is part of the collective awakening process to recognise and denounce abuse for what it is, no matter how beautifully disguised.  

robert shubow


Shunning Authenticity

Shunyamurti aka Robert Shubow is the leader and founder of Sat Yoga. He has a brilliant mind with deep knowledge of philosophy, spirituality, psychology, human sciences and more. The listener will be struck by his ability to articulate and intertwine complex concepts. He is also a brilliant visionary, recognising patterns in others and the world, and painting a powerful vision for an enlightened culture.

Shunyamurti means "the embodiment of pure emptiness" and points to the way he considers himself and asks from others to be considered. We argue that this self-given title or name is actually fraudulent as Shunyamurti is hiding deep wounds and trauma that he is unwilling to feel and own. These disowned shadows are pushing him to pose as a saint yet behaving as a pathological narcissist and puppet master with his followers. 

This website is presenting the case that Robert Shubow is, in fact, a disguised embodiment of psychological predation. It is a space to heal from the abuse from his psycho-spiritual influence and from the often traumatic and sudden removal of his conditional love. 


The purpose of the SatyogaExposed website is to share personal experiences and  stories of past members and participants of SAT Yoga. The personal opinions expressed and reflections shared are based solely on the direct experiences, views and beliefs of each contributor.

We are currently gathering testimonials and perspectives from past followers of Shunyamurti.  If you are a past member of SAT Yoga and would like to share your story, please email us at: 

lady in shadow


You can now start discussions about the topics covered on this website on our new forum section

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