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Who are we?

We are a group of past members of the Sat Yoga community who have spent between several months and many years of our lives at the ashram. We have developed a form of relationship with Shunyamurti which collapsed beyond repair when we stopped following his commands and left him. We are digesting and processing that very deep experience and revealing it to others is part of this journey of integration. 

We are also family members of current members of the cult who are growing increasingly concerned due to the drastic changes of behaviour and the cutting of all family ties by the cult members. We have heard from past members of the type of relationship that Shunyamurti maintains with his followers and we are calling for dialogue and shining the light on what we suspect to be a psychological prison.

Our intention

Our wish is not to condemn or blame but to reveal our experience. We wish to have a space in which to reveal our experience because platforms controlled by Sat Yoga do not give a voice to past members of the community. We believe that our perspective might be valuable to people who are considering a visit to Sat Yoga. Our perspective might also be valuable to people currently residing in Sat Yoga or people who have had some experience with Sat Yoga and need to digest it. 

Our intention as family members is to assist in whatever way possible the process of bringing more clarity on the leadership of Sat Yoga and the methods employed to control the minds and behaviours of the members. We believe in freedom and we are not getting the sense that the absorption of our loved ones in the Sat Yoga Ashram is bringing them closer to a true state of freedom. We wish to establish a connection and open dialogue with the broader community in Costa-Rica and also, if possible, with Sat Yoga.

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