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Robert Shubow aka "Shunyamurti"


Robert Shubow is posturing as a saint who is selflessly helping others achieve Self-Realisation, he is posturing as the benevolent father who is caring for his followers, bestowing precious jewels of wisdom on them with a loving heart. But what has actually been happening behind this seductive posture since he left the Brahmas Kumaris to start a new cult in Costa-Rica paints a very, VERY different picture of this master of deception. 

This page lists some of the main griefs that we, past members, followers, disciples and students of Robert Shubow wish to express and bring attention to to all present and future students of Robert Shubow : 

Robert Shubow doesn't accept reflections: "Shunyamurti" as "the guru" is here to reflect you to yourself. He demands full transparency from you and exposing your deepest vulnerabilities. Yet he himself doesn't share anything personal with his followers. His inner world, his feelings are not revealed. Shubow pretends that he is "beyond human feelings" but close followers who have known him for years know this to be a fake posture. Numerous followers and students have seen him being deeply triggered or emotional, sometimes crying out loud in front of them. Yet, he always tries to hide and repress his humanness. Worse, any attempt from a follower or student, even those whom he call a "friend", is not allowed to reflect anything back at him and make him see anything. He is the only one who knows and sees everything and nothing can be shown to him by others. 

Robert Shubow manipulates: During his lectures or individual sessions, the discourses and narratives are full of explicit or subtle hooks that clearly aim at manipulating the perception of the students regarding themselves, the community, "Shunyamurti" and the outside world. The narratives are not expressed from a neutral perspective but charged with airs of gravity and seriousness creating a psychotic field in the collective consciousness. Worse, Shubow uses hypnosis techniques to take control of his followers' subconscious and to plant in them the beliefs that he then uses to control them. The outside world is painted as a threat to our spiritual growth, our ties to family is an obstacle. People leaving the ashram are "fallen". "Shunyamurti "is the only saviour and our only hope for liberation, other teachers are not worth it. This period of time is explained to be apocalyptic and therefore dangerous. The followers are manipulated constantly to develop deep seated beliefs that : The community is the safe space and leaving it would mean falling back into "maya" and exposing ourselves to the dangers of apocalypse. We cannot trust any of our own inner knowing because we are all in ego, except him of course who is therefore the only one qualified to offer some hope to "see things for what they are". Only "Shunyamurti" can see us for what we really are, others in the outside world are not able to see us so well. We need to renounce the outside world if we wish to grow spiritually. etc. Robert Shubow manipulates his followers in individual sessions to extract the maximum amount of money from them. He advises (or rather seduces or hypnotises) married women to get a divorce and then asks for the proceeds. He advises followers to get as much money as they can from family members while telling them to cut all emotional ties. And then he charges you 100$ for the individual sessions in which he hypnotises you and subtly guilt-trip you if you resist his subliminal demands. Robert Shubow is a master at hypnosis both individually and in group settings. He is able to tell your conscious mind that you are "One with God" while simultaneously implanting in your subconscious that you are separated from God and therefore in deep need of his guidance. He is therefore telling to the conscious mind of his followers what they want to hear while telling their subconscious something completely contradictory that exploits the unconscious, vulnerable, separated programs that his followers are supposed to free themselves from. 

Robert Shubow doesn't himself honour the rules that he sets for others: Since he considers himself special and beyond the needs for any rules applying to himself, Shubow doesn't respect the exact same things that he demands from other members of his flock. For example, he demands that members restrain from any physical contact from each other yet he himself would spend 15 minutes in deep hugging with a member during a private meeting. Robert Shubow tells his followers that they have to stay at the ashram at all times and they need a special permission to leave. He says this is because the outside world is a distraction and dangerous yet he himself doesn't have to warn anyone to leave. Another striking example is his request to a follower to refund the money (200$) given to her from Govinda. Shubow was warning this follower that Govinda was trying to manipulate others with his money and therefore that his money was "impure" and shouldn't be accepted. Yet he decided to keep the generous donation from that same giver of impure money (90000$). It is the classic "Do as I say but not as I do".


Robert Shubow is hypocritical: Robert Shubow in his role play of "Shunyamurti" is constantly exhibiting some pretense of virtue and righteousness. He carries the message across that ONLY HE is virtuous, that his character is so godly that it is beyond criticism, and he will find subtle or explicit ways to shame you if you reflect anything different to him. The purpose of that pretense is to attract sympathy and devotion from his followers and future recruits. It is also a way to keep his followers in some form of inferiority complex in relation to him and in constant self-judgement. Posing as an "enlightened master" not only ensures him to receive admiration and money from his followers, it also makes him feel better about his own repressions and ultimately, his failure to come close to the genuine, truthful and integrated state of wholeness that he intellectually understands very well. 


Robert Shubow doesn't care about ex-followers : Shubow doesn't show any care whatsoever towards people who leave him. People that were with him for years, sometimes a decade, meeting with him every day, sharing the depth of their heart with him, are discarded like used clothes, never to be shown any trace of consideration anymore. If you stop looking up to him in the way that he considers appropriate, if your behaviour steps out of the very narrow line that he sets for you, if you stop giving away your life or money to him, you simply stop being given acknowledgement. You simply stop existing for him and for his followers who are instructed to look down on you as a fallen, dangerous soul with whom to avoid contacts. People who leave him are being used as examples in front of others, their departure is always carefully framed as a theatrical scene of fall into illusion, seduction of the ego, betrayal of the guru etc. The framing and false narratives surrounding the distancing of anyone from "Shunyamurti" is a fundamental aspect of the control mechanism that keeps existing followers in an illusory euphoric sense of feeling lucky and grateful to be allowed close to him. 

In September 2021, Sat Yoga posted a video of Shunyamurti that they said is "addressing the claims on this website". You can watch it on their blog on :

Govinda reacts to this address from Shunyamurti in the video below (you can skip to minute 6 if you want to go straight on the answer of the video) : 

The following video from Prof. Sam Vaknin explains characteristics of a narcissistic cult leader with striking resemblance to the traits exhibited by Robert Shubow and his cult Sat Yoga.

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