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"We could all become deceivers and ego maniacs, narcissist with a godly face."

Anonymous 4

I was a Sat Yoga member for 3 years.


These are some of the reasons why I left, 

1.     Robert being a disciple of Ramana Maharsi ended up not being true.

2.     Sessions of Atmanology were part of your training if you want to be a disciple or an active sangha member. Those are in the 100 to 120 dollars per session that could be twice a week depending on your needs. This atmanology sessions consists in Robert interpreting your dreams and some other therapy like a psychologist. He has no medical or hypnotherapist certificate or belong to any community of practitioners of this kind of treatment for people with mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Monthly payment at Sat was around 600 usd. (Seminars and private sessions)

3.     The world is going soon to end. And you need to be prepared. Fortunately he and his sangha buddies will overcome the end of the world.

4.     Your blood family is not your family, you are the son of the Universe. Most of your contact with the family is to bring the little child image who needs the breast. He and the sangha is the family now.

5.     Your name is not your name but your ego´s therefore you get a new name to renounce to the one you were before. Ego is bad and Sat is good. No advaita.

6.     Pets are for kids, if you as adult want to have a pet is actually your inner child and again your wanting mommy breast milk. Those also goes for any sweet or creamy or milky food by the way.

7.     The way to enlightment and the Real is through Robert´s teachings.

8.     Whatever pleases the body is ego centered

9.     We are not a body so you don’t need medical treatment

10.  Leaving the house for him will bring instant karma because of his amazing presence. That’s why he doesn’t go out.

11.  Isolation from Maya (life) is the way to heaven. Karma Yoga of serving the Master is one of the best and fastest track to enlightment. Kind service to the Master is a work with no expectation like Arjuna and the Gita said again a way to enlightment.

12.  Questioning his doctrines arises his shadow side.


We could all become deceivers and ego maniacs, narcissist with a godly face. I am here to forgive my deceiving and ego maniac self by then releasing forgiveness to what I believe is wrong or shouldn’t be done by a knower of the truth. (I mean by a guru figure according to the archetypal imagery)


There is nothing to forgive or condemn as this experience has brought light to my life, at the end everything is a matter of perception.


May we all be free of suffering, may we all be happy and may we all be full of joy. May the Truth always prevail.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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